Monday, February 25, 2013

Why Muslims suffer inhumanly by Sharia Laws?


Why do Muslims suffer inhumanly by Sharia Laws?

Muslims surrender to Sharia law.

It is a human judgement system with inhuman punishments in the name of Allah.

The recent popular incident is Rizana's murder (she being a minor) by the Saudi Government using Sharia Law.…

This incident also raise the question, why do Muslims fake true age in birth certificates as a common practice (with knowledge of parents and Islamic religious leaders)? There are many age incidents, even at schools and sports events. Is it part of Sharia law?…

Muslims in Sri Lanka openly condemned Saudi Government for murdering Rizana's death with convincing reasons.

But, they failed to condemn such barbaric Islamic laws (even tried to hide the incident when questioned in public media conferences), because they could not behave sensibly as their religion was involved.

Why do Muslims hesitate to value humanity irrespective of whatever written on paper?
Don't tell me, Quran is always spoken from Allah's mouth, by holding a paper based Quran on your hand.

My dear Muslim brothers and sisters, do you voluntarily let your hand cut for any act you do, just because you surrender to anyone?
It is hard for me to tolerate the violence against fellow human.

Please, speak from your hearts without being dishonest to yourself.

Additional Details

لا إله إلا الله I❤ISLAM,
Judgement is partial to the code you follow. My judgement (superior to Sharia law) is she needed support and guidance with kindness, even if she acted with intentions to harm others.
Violence to violence is not admired by wise and not the correct answer.
Two Wrongs Make a Right is a Fallacy. Therefore, Sharia law is a fallacy!…

This is not a session to compare religions, but to appreciate good human values.

Thank you for your kindness.
This Muslim teenager (Rizana) was tortured in the dessert before forcing to accept and was not given a lawyer or at least a proper interpreter/translator. It is a one way justice and whoever has power can hide their evil acts behind this devil's law. This need to be stopped.

لا إله إلا الله I❤ISLAM,
If you are surrendered to Sharia Law, your judgements are definitely inferior to my judgements.
It is my wish that Sharia law and Saudi Arabia be condemned for inhuman acts.
Master has spoken!.


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