Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Makulārāma Makkah


How the Buddhist Makutharama temple now consider as Islamic Makkah?

Adam's foot in Sri Lanka…

Rashid al-Din also reported that in his day, eleven Buddhist texts in Arabic translation were circulating in Iran.…

he claimed that before Islam, the people of Mecca and Medina were Buddhists and worshipped idols resembling Buddha in the Kaaba.

in Afghanistan, the Taliban’s destruction of the giant Buddha statues at Bamiyan in 2001 CE…

Additional Details

It is a question with few clues to support, not an answer.
Hope you research and present the answer.

Current generations may not aware, the historical Buddhist culture in now pure Islam geographies.
Bangladesh adopted Islam over-night.
Why use violence to wipe-off Buddhism? Is this the nature of peaceful Islam?



  1. The makkha is one of the foot printed places of the load Buddha (Budu Rajaanan Wahanse)
    An other one in Sri Lanka on Sri paada mountain - As per the history of the BUDDHISM


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