Sunday, February 3, 2013

some stupid do evil acts by misinterpreting the great knowledge of Quran


Why do some stupid do evil acts by misinterpreting the great knowledge of Quran?

The same knife can be handle by Sergent and Butcher for different purposes.
Same apply to knowledge.

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You made a good point. Here is the answer, take it if you're wise.

Author of a Script that defines system(s) is the all knowing creator/god for that system and has authority (author of the rit/write). Obviously, author dictates his rit/creation.

How many games (cricket,football,etc) can you play, societies be members of, and dramas be actors of, in your life time? They all are man made systems, results of human thought. Even you can be a spectator of all those systems.

If you act a role defined in a system, can you reject it's author's will?

@Muhammad Sohaib,
As you correctly implied, intellectual arrogance should be only among intellectuals to dig deep into ideological problems and solve together. It is easy for narrow minded fools take statements of intellectuals out of context to spell blood and to do havoc.

This question straight-forwardly appreciates knowledge and condemns stupidity.
Any community/society is a package of wisdom and foolishness.
Every intellect should study the great scriptures inherited from history, instead of destroying them by supporting the cat and mouse chases of red-necks in all sides.


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