Wednesday, February 20, 2013

behaviors of different imaginary number systems


What are the behaviors of different dimensions of imaginary number systems and their effect to real numbers?…

[δοτζο] commented:
"... We know far more about complex numbers today than they did a couple hundred years ago."

Can you explain the behaviors of different dimensions (up to 10 layers) of the imaginary number systems (wide, deep and parallel wise) and their effect to real numbers using the current comprehensive knowledge you claim to have?

If not, it is unwise to over-estimate the knowledge on the subject.

Fortunately, aforesaid knowledge is available (not in public)

Additional Details

What's wrong with 3/5/6/7?
The knowledge not available in public has no such limits and extends imaginary dimensions to infinity of infinities and their behavior with each other (imaginary to imaginary) are explained.

As fact and with no intention to insult, I think the referenced mathematicians' guess workouts of imaginary numbers are overestimates, like the blind fantasize on color.


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