Thursday, February 21, 2013

Super-Mundane Buddha appear at Mundane worlds?


How does Super-Mundane Buddha appear at Mundane worlds?

The baby Prince (no name, not Buddha) announcement:
"Aggo hamasmi lokassa - Jettho hamasmi lokassa - Settho hamasmi lokassa - Ayamanthima jathi - Natthi dani punabbhavo."
"I am the Chief/highest in the world - There is no equal to me - I am Supreme - This is my last birth - No rebirth for me."

How does an ordinary being (before awakened) be highest (Aggo) in the world (lokassa)?

Immediately after Enlightenment the Buddha uttered:
"... My mind has reached the unconditioned (i.e., Nibbana); the end of craving (Arahatta Phala) has been attained." meaning super-mundane 'Lokottara'
Dhammapada Verses 153 and 1541 - Udana Vatthu

In almost all suttas (example: preamble of Atanatiya Sutta), Buddha appear at mundane (lokika) Manussa Loka, Deva Loka and Brahma Loka to preach/discuss Dhamma.

How does super-mundane (lokottara) allow Buddha to appear at mundane (lokika) worlds?

Additional Details

Can a mundane being gain foresight to predict super-mundane Nibbana?


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