Monday, February 25, 2013

infinity vs divinity in Mathematics?


What is the difference between infinity vs di+v+inity in Mathematics?

"Even as the finite encloses an infinite series
And in the unlimited limits appear,
So the soul of immensity dwells in minutia
And in the narrowest limits no limit in here.
What joy to discern the minute in infinity!
The vast to perceive in the small, what divinity!"
Ars Conjectandi

'infinity vs divinity' was considered by Jacob Bernoulli, who introduced 'constant e' to mathematics.

Divinity is the state of things that come from a supernatural power or deity, such as God.

The whole divided by infinity results in infinitesimal! All are finite!!

Does God use 3 universes, to divide (one whole universe) by (infinite parts of another universe), resulting into (an infinitesimal part of the 3rd universe)?

Hah! that explains that the essence of God's divine nature is love and righteousness.

Additional Details

@Zero State,
God is the creator of ideas in mind, where God creates universe and worlds with thoughts.
Do you consider mathematical zero in division as a delta (infinitesimal)?

@MTR 2.0,
I agree, even if you have guessed it.
Can you elaborate the fractal relevance to the question?


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