Thursday, February 21, 2013

can a Police Officer response out of Job Description?


How can a Police Officer response for what is not in the Job Description?

Police Officer is a fiction defined on paper having certain attributes, job duties, etc.

As per the job description, human feelings like smile, anger, cry are not paid duties of a police officer.

Police conduct is to follow only what is trained to do (within the limits of job description). If not, it is dishonor to the status and will be subject to disciplinary actions.

Suppose you slap (or kick) a duty-minded police officer.

On what basis can the police officer lawfully response and for who's complaint?

Additional Details

If you slap or kick a police officer as a symbol to show love,
How can a police officer response to love?

What if I change the terms? slap=flying kiss and kick=crawling kiss
Now, can those so called 'written laws' you mentioned bite?

I do not buy the 'assaulting a police officer' suggestion.
Since 'police officer' is a fiction defined on paper, it can arrest another fiction, not a living breathing people with flesh and blood. (slave cannot challenge the master).
I would say, it is my wish that the 'police officer' rotate 180 degrees.


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