Wednesday, February 20, 2013

If free to suicide how to plan it?


If free to suicide how to plan it?

We are Born To Die. (fairy-tale psychology cannot hide the truth)

We suffer in life (in sickness, old age, near death, etc), and not in death (if not relative to life).

Death occurs in different ways.
Time, place and method of death can happen with or without our fore-knowledge.

In UK, 'The rule of law whereby it is a crime for a person to commit suicide is hereby abrogated' meaning suicide is not an offense by state law.…

If you have freedom to choose death as per your wish, how do you plan death?

Do you have reasons to postpone death?

Additional Details

Scared to loose the greed and illusions of life, but justify dishonestly?

Do you make effort to enjoy life, because you are not satisfied with it?
If your bucket is full, why try to fill more?


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