Tuesday, February 19, 2013

research judge on writing style


Should a research paper be mainly judged on writing style or by its valuable content?

Suppose an author's first language is not English and do not have resources to invest on writing style.

Research findings are valuable and submitted to relevant journals of English medium.

Should a research paper be mainly judged on writing style or by its valuable content?

Is there a compromise for acceptance (with help to optimize) or should the whole thing be rejected, because it lacks grammar?

How does research publishing practically work, especially for Math research?

Additional Details

See, your reference site costs thousands of dollars to format someone's findings. What does the humble researcher get out of all these money games?

It seems that cost for publishing and inflexible dogmatic rules of journals demoralize research and an insult to knowledge.
Is intelligent researcher or the dumb publisher more important to society? I think it is the publisher's job to corporate with author to tune the paper and make it more presentable to the reader.
It is better to upload research papers at more flexible sites in internet than begging after narrow minded and prejudiced journal editors.

Do reviewers volunteer their time for nothing? It is true for the researcher as well. Why researchers' efforts are not valued in the first place? Can everyone be perfect in all manners - all the time, other than do what they are good at (to research)?

Where is promotion for new thinking, opportunity to criticize findings and argue them back and forth, when publishers ruthlessly destroy them at birth.

Unless the researcher is associated to a reputable institution, backed up by a financial sponsor, experienced professional or a rich man, no other research can be published. Where are the incentives for home researchers?

This is a major bottle neck for intelligence to grow and in a way suggests 'not so smart is more comfortable'.


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