Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Why F-u-c-k is vulgar?


Why the English word F-u-c-k in human sense is considered as vulgar?

It literally means the act of sexual intercourse. A human activity like eat, drink, walk, talk, etc.
Why hide it, even for children?
A child has rights to know the origin of his existence, instead of being deceived by fairy tale stories.
If so damaging or offending anyone, why this term is available in every respectable English dictionary?

In a dialect of English language, if this term is synonymously defined for 'chair', would you say, "Pull a xxxx and have a seat?"

Similar soundings like FARC Guerrillas in Colombia and abbreviations like FCUK are commonly used in general media.

We are human, not robots. Why unnecessary caution among human for this cute four letter word?


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