Wednesday, February 20, 2013

forgive and forget the difference between Christianity and Buddhism


Is forgive and forget the difference between Christianity and Buddhism?

God forgives the sins of Christians using Jesus to continue existence.
Forgiveness to bad-debts is a double entry transaction.
Therefore, the logged double-entry transaction will not be forgotten.

In contrast, Nibbana in Buddhism is super-mundane, away from worldly existence.
Nibbana nullifies all worldly transactions (sins & merits).
The recorded Forgiveness has no meaning, if the whole-thing is forgotten.

When you suffer from a situation, how would you handle in general?

1. revenge the culprit who caused you to suffer

2. forgive the culprit (but nothing is forgotten)

3. forget the situation (clear the mind)

Additional Details

When God forgives sins of an account (suppose the person you assume as self) through the blood of Jesus, it is logged and God (like IMF) does not forget it.
I agree that forgiven sins will be as far away from you as the east is from the west. In other words, that they never pertain to you again.

@Fake Genius,
(just a friendly speech) If someone kicks your butt, just because both of you will die someday, how else would you respond other than, forgive, forget, be patient or revenge like [SmokeUpSerling] suggested? cry for mummy...

[Nucleus] sometimes regretted after forgiving, but always felt very relaxed after forgetting.

Let me present my honest view, because I do care for my fellow brothers and sisters.
I think Quran needs more polite interpretations than 'if you don't surrender my terms, I kill you' type hostile communication. Referencing Suras out of context has made trouble globally and Muslims are becoming an easy target to be condemned as rednecks. Islamic scholars must present case-studies using Quran to guide the followers to be friendly towards rest of the world. Otherwise, US will continue invading your valued lifestyle.


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