Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cosmological argument prove God exists


Can the Cosmological argument prove God exists?

For instance, we can see from our senses that things in life are moving, now whatever is moved must be from another external force which influences that move. For instance, fire (the external force) making the wood hot. Then there needs to be a external force to the fire, ie something that causes it to become alight. Do you accept that these changes go back to infinity? Aquinas believed that there must have been a first prime mover, who has always existed in order for us to exist now, and God is the cause of all motion/change. Also, Aquinas in his cosmological argument for God's existence thinks that if time is infinite, nothing would exist now. We can see that things that exist are contingent, ie they are born and then later cease to exist, therefore nothing can be brought into existence through themselves. For instance, we can't exist before we existed. Thus, as everything that exists now is contingent, and time was infinite, then nothing would exist now because there must have been a time where nothing existed, and as contingent beings cannot bring themselves into existence there must have been a God that brought about our existence. Science also supports this argument as things such as the universe expanding proves that the universe must have had a starting point.

The universe seems finely balanced too, think about the planck constant and the gravitational constant, just a slight change would mean that life itself would not exist at all, so there seems to be an intelligent designer.

Cosmological argument explains the creation, not creator.
Neither character of a story nor the whole story can prove it's author.

The conventional external world one feels, is truly mind made (mental pictures).
Therefore, creator dwells in mind.

Aquinas is a thinker and argues within the thought matrix.

Simply, mind cannot handle what is unthinkable, including freedom from thoughts.


God of Gods' Eyes

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