Thursday, February 28, 2013

vegetarianism not permitted to Muslims


Was vegetarianism not permitted to Muslims by Allah and Quran?…

"According to Islamic Law there are no grounds upon which one can argue that animals should not be killed for food. The Islamic legal opinion on this issue is based on clear Qur'anic verses. Muslims are not only prohibited from eating certain food, but also may not choose to prohibit themselves food that is allowed by Islam. Accordingly vegetarianism is not permitted unless on grounds such as unavailability or medical necessity. Vegetarianism is not allowed under the pretext of giving priority to the interest of animals because such decisions are God's prerogative."

~ Islamic scholar Mawil Izzi Dien

Throughout history numerous Muslims have practiced vegetarianism, in many cases for reasons of piet (example: Sufis)

An early female Sufi, Zaynab, is said to have been persecuted for her refusal to eat meat

Fortunately, now things have changed from beyond the very top of Islam:…

Additional Details

@the re - chosen one,
That Quran is now overridden by superior guidance, where animal harm and/or killing is prohibited.

Your bulky comment with references confirm the question description.

The basis for promoting Vegetarianism (without extremes) in aforesaid superior guidance is non-violence towards all living beings, and not likes and/or dislikes to food.

It is the duty of Allah to implement the superior guidance.

Muslims shall follow Allah's new commands to the letter and whoever ignores them is disrespectful to Allah and will be considered as non Muslim for life.…

If all communities feel Muslims as a danger to them because of violence attitudes "I kill you and I kill animals whom you care about", they would not stand to help you in trouble situations (like for Muammar Gaddafi) and I see the future that it would be the end for Muslims.

Wisdom can win wars and surrender any powerful state, without using lethal weapons and bloodshed.
Otherwise, foolish will live by the sward and dragged to unfair fighting to die by the sward, to the extinct.

It is important for Muslims to know how other communities think about Muslims.

Buddhists and some sects of Hindus who value non violence and do not harm animals, feel uncomfortable about Muslim behavior in neighborhood and discuss within themselves (though not told to face for hospitality reasons) that Muslim community practice primitive values not valued by intelligent humans (simply blood thirsts) and dishonest in Business by abusing the Islam religion.

Muslims have a duty to clear the good name of Allah with right view and by practice.

The aforesaid communities would not accept Muslims as good neighbors if Muslim community continue to justify killings using Quran to disrespect Allah.


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