Monday, February 25, 2013

Can Quran peacefully unite all Muslims?


Can the Holy Quran peacefully unite all Muslims using all the powers of Allah?

We observe deadly fighting within Muslim communities by using Sharia punishments and in the name of Allah.

Some cut noses, ears, hands, necks and stone the women, burn alive, etc

It is a disgrace to humanity! Don't you think so?

Additional Details

@Vadim Khan,
I concern for humanity and do not consider it as a wastage.
Attack is your opinion, and defend is mine opinion.

I had consideration for such punishments and found useless.
Revenge is a vicious cycle and no one learns anything other than violence by large.

When would that happen (rightfully follow it) for the sake of non-violence?

Did my question and its description take context out of sharia law? no.
What is the point of beating your own dummy, when true enemy is out there to destroy humanity?
Better you do an investigation to find out why those Muslim communities kill each other with low self esteem by using Sharia punishments, Quran and in the name of Allah. You cannot deny inhuman violence. Can intelligent Muslims guide these fools to value humanity? Otherwise, good people are getting hurt when intellectual scriptures are used to justify such 3rd grade acts.


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