Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Buddhism in Greco-Bactrian Kingdom


Was Buddhism extremely popular in Greco-Bactrian Kingdom?…

[idlenessss] commented:

"buddhism was not terribly popular in india...but it was extremely popular in a classical greek empire in bactria...its and interesting part of history..

in truth, buddhism ended up being just as much western as it was eastern.…

Please provide more online references to prove and/or disprove the aforesaid comment.

Additional Details

If Buddhism dates back to 563-483 BC and Greco-Bactrian Kingdom dates back to 250-125 BC, migrating to northern India around 180 BC establishing the Indo-Greek Kingdom, can the main roots of Buddhism be found in west?

@Fake Genius,
Math helps to study Buddhism as it is, in an abstract way, like number 5.
Most Buddhists read a shadow/projection of Buddhism, like 5 apples, 5Kg, etc.
I agree that Nibbana is beyond math.


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