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How to judge the subjects of all knowing?


How to judge the subjects of all knowing?

[az] asked:

"...Who are you to judge?..."

This is how I judge with lawful jurisdiction:

Muslims assume that Allah accepted their submission.
Likewise, I accept the assumed submission of Allah.

Muslims are Allah's subjects. Likewise, Allah is my subject.
Muslims under-stand Quran and Allah, where I over-stand them.

Muslims cannot know my standing, unless I and/or Allah communicate to them.

Therefore, I have taken the jurisdiction to judge over Allah.

Judgement 1 of my Sovereign Court:

Sura 4:3 of Quran imply that, Muslim men can marry only two or three or four 'slave women'.

If Muslim men marry other than 'slave women', they will be judged to be abusers of Quran and disrespectful to Allah.

Such marriages will be declared as null and they will be banned forever from Islam (as naughty boys).

All privileges and defenses for immunities as religious Muslims will be removed.

It is the duty of good Muslims to implement my judgement(s). Failing to do so, will be subject to same punishments as above.
I expect corporation from good Muslims to get rid of Muslim imposters to defend the good name of Islam.

My judgement is final and I bless all subjects of all knowing (the one who took refuge under me) for good health and to seek right view.

Additional Details

@Joseph Rose Carpenter,
You cannot know my standing, unless I and/or Allah communicate to you.
I accepted Allah's application to surrender and did not forcefully hijack Allah.

Master is not obliged to prove anything to slaves.
Slave is not permitted pride.

Does Quran teach Muslims to surrender to the will of superior(s) and/or to challenge with pride?

"And do not say about what your tongues assert of untruth, "This is lawful and this is unlawful," to invent falsehood about Allah . Indeed, those who invent falsehood about Allah will not succeed."

If you surrender to the will of Allah, you surrender to my wishes as well!

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