Thursday, February 21, 2013

rejected when presenting a new idea


Have you ever being rejected when presenting a new idea by challenging the conventions?

For example: prove that different infinities are observable and comparable.

How would you respond to it?

Charlotte Bronte humorously wrote about ironic flaw of human nature in her popular novel, Shirley.

Whenever you present the actual, simple, truth, it is somehow always denounced as a lie:
they disown it, cast it off, throw it on the parish; whereas the product of your own imagination, the mere figment, the sheer fiction, is adapted, termed pretty, proper, sweetly natural:
the little spurious wretch gets all the comfits - the honest, lawful bantling all the cuffs. Such is the way of the world...".

Additional Details

Georg Cantor who calculated with different infinities was condemned as a "scientific charlatan", a "renegade" and a "corrupter of youth" with no empathy at that time and as a result of stress, he died in a mental institution.

Georg Cantor was a pioneer, who took Math to another level. It is unfortunate for an intelligent math society to be so cruel to hunt-down a fellow thinker. That tradition remains to-date. I agree that some friends looked after him. But, once the heart is torn apart to loose faith in the society, no other friend can help him. He did not know how to clear his mind from unnecessary stress.
Bipolar, manic-depression is just psychological fantasy, a legal punishment tactic for social condemnation.


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