Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why Imaginary numbers not clear?


Why the existence of Imaginary numbers still not clearly understood?


However, the numbers i and -i were called "imaginary" (an unfortunate choice of terminology which has remained to this day), because their existence was still not clearly understood.

If someone could come up with a good explanation to the above concern,
how would the Mathematics Community and especially the general Public,
appreciate/value such a contribution(s)?

Are there competitions (with incentive prizes) for aforesaid Imaginary number concern,
in the likes of Clay Math Millennium Prize Problems?

Additional Details

Can you explain the behaviors of different dimensions of the imaginary number systems (wide, deep and parallel wise) and their effect to real numbers using the current comprehensive knowledge you claim to have?
If not, it is unwise to over-estimate the knowledge on the subject.


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