Monday, February 25, 2013

mathematicians blindly use infinity


Do mathematicians use infinity blindly, or concern seriously about infinity?…

“Our account does not rob mathematicians of their science, by disproving the actual existence of the infinite in the direction of increase, in the sense of the untraceable. In point of fact they do not need the infinite and do not use it. They postulate any that the finite straight line may be produced as far as they wish.” ~ Aristotle.

The mathematicians use infinity very irresponsibly in infinite series like a youth throws all garbage under his own bed to hide from others.

Caught garbage will haunt the mathematicians one day.

Same is discussed in this math paper relevant to Riemann Hypothesis:…

When the infinity considered in mathematics is proven to be finite in a new paper, the current mathematicians' prejudice will be stripped to bear naked in public.
Wait and see!

Additional Details

The universe that consist everything is finite and subject to change (impermanent) as well as the mathematical infinity. Have patience until it be convinced with proof in a new math paper.

@Randy P,
Cantor only saw the Mathematical infinity, not the true infinity (freedom/nibbana).
He was condemned by then mathematicians as the scientific charlatan, renegade and corrupter of youth. Now the new generation is begging to learn from him.
The so called current mathematicians neither see math infinity nor the true infinity. They just guess and teach students like the blind preach about colors.
It is a dogmatic institutional view to say that only a math course can teach you math, when math is everywhere in existence.

If you are a prejudiced mathematician, please try to fasten the belt holding your trouser because your students are watching. Sadly, it might not last long.

Thank you for your example.
If 9.99999.... is between mathematical zero and mathematical 10 as a whole, and since 10 is finite, then mathematical infinity is finitely defined.
There's another issue here. 0.9999... is a sub universe inside the 0 to 10 universe. We can compare different universes.
In analytical continuation mathematicians unknowingly consider universes that change their sizes within a finite range (constant universe), if not they throw garbage in to fixed universes to haunt them. Both ways, they are irresponsible, since the boundaries are not predefined.
It doesn't matter how beautiful sand castles are, as long as they get washed off to the tide of true wisdom.


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