Sunday, February 3, 2013

rupa matter


Is rupa in Buddhism, one of the 5 aggregates of matter or just matter?…

[Fake Genius] commented:
"the first aggregate is rupa (material body or matters).
atom is rupa."

1. rupa= material body or matters = atom
2. rupa is one of the 5 aggregates of matter/existence.

Is 1 and/or 2 true?

Recall property-box in computer programming:…

mental definition (objectively viewed as matter in kama-loka/sense-based-world)
= nama (name/reference-id) + rupa (description body)

If I suggest, 'rupa' is the description (body) of a mental definition where 'nama' is it's name(reference-id) used by other mental definitions to refer in their body, would you agree?

Why agree / why not agree ? explain in detail.

Additional Details

Visual sensation of the red mark on your hand is called perception 'Sanna' in Buddhism
conventional language calls the same as 'vedana' meaning pain.

In Buddhism, 'I don't like this' is a decision/choice called 'Sankhara' (volition), caused by 'avijja' ignorance.

Is "both sensory and mental phenomena" a mix-and-match? Clueless!


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