Sunday, February 3, 2013

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Is conventional physics, mind born existence?…

[Fake Genius] commented:
"... the physical nature (the law of physics) is not psychology. Mind and body are two different things with different sets of law. ..."

Consider following Example:

We will know the existence of a 'chair' in conventional physical nature, because we sense it through eye observations and touch of skin.
(it is also common to smell it's wood, taste or hear the dragging to identify a chair).

If those senses are not available to us, the chair would not exist.

The 'chair' object in conventional outside world is perceived as mental pictures, using sense based organs.

Therefore, the conventional outside/physical world (including sense organs) would not exist if no mental pictures exist.

Simply, conventional physics is a set of mind born ideas.

Do you still consider the existence of conventional physics is exclusive to the existence of mind born ideas?

Note: Please do not narrowly justify the relative existence (permanence) of external world, even after you die (all your senses shutdown). It is a different case to consider with relatively and generality aspects.

Additional Details

How do you know the existence of a chair (even if every life form now alive has never interacted with it) if you are not aware of it?

If you're referring to 'Human impact on the environment'(chiefly of environmental pollution and pollutants) as anthropogenic view, sorry to say that you are being off-targeted from the question.

Please refer to the Quantum uncertainty, or more formally, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle to get on track with the question.



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