Sunday, February 3, 2013

Constitution to Govern with Buddhist values


How does a Constitution to Govern with Buddhist values look like?

This question is an extension to:
"Why Buddhist countries submit to God based Constitution?"…

Sun & Moon in the emblem of Sri Lanka Government symbols forever existence (until the Sun and Moon exists).

Since the goal of Buddhism is to seek freedom (nibbana) from existence (sankhara), should a scientific (vijja) based Buddhist influenced constitution focus on just existence or simply to free people from attachments/suffering as a projection of Buddhist doctrine?

Additional Details

@シトリン夢 Citrine Dream,

Can Buddhist influenced economic policies discourage 'unlimited greedy societies' by projecting 'free from attachments', 'anatta',etc principals of Buddhism?…

Note: Islamic economy service without interest of loans…

Is the general prototype of current constitutional Governments based on God-creator, 'USA-Let me mind your business to create you trouble' concepts?
Are you sure, religions in the aspect of core values of thinking do not shape how businesses are handled?

Liberation towards creator is not in Buddhism.
Is Republic a form of freedom compared to a pure Democracy, where no one is compelled (crushed) to accept majority decision?


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