Sunday, February 3, 2013

scope of possibilities in decision making


Do human intelligence and AI lack in perfectly defining the scope of possibilities in decision making?

Since environment consists with multiplicative number of possibilities in an instance for a variable, from unlimited views, defining the perfect scope (system boundary) is questionable, yet practical tolerance is appreciated.

As a result, the decision making process is prone to go astray.

How do you handle this vaguely defined question?

Additional Details

Sorry if the question is needlessly complex due to compacting many detailed questions.

Summery question is:
How to master the perfect system scope definition in an unknown domain?

I take your answer as 'a series of yes/no to narrow the fuzziness, in order to adjust and accurately define the system scope'.
Is that what you mean?
How can the decision maker be sure that he'll not be lost in the fuzziness to not hit a dummy scope?



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