Sunday, February 3, 2013

Disregard Proof Of a God


Why do people Disregard Proof Of a God?

This question references to: [L.S]
"Why do people Disregard Proof Of a God? *Lots of Proof*?"…

[L.S] stated: "To me proof of the Bible is prophecies that have come true"

Read the logic in that statement:

1. If prophecies come true (depends on version of interpretation), the evidence will prove the said prophecies.

2. Does Bible consist of only those prophecies that came true?

3. If not, can Bible be true beyond doubt?

4. Even if whole Bible is proved to be true, can that be regarded as a Proof Of the God (creator of Bible)?

5. Do fictional stories prove their authors?
(What if the a historical story was documented by a committee to claim the patent?)


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