Sunday, February 3, 2013

Buddhism can be projected on Constitutional Governments


If Buddhism can be projected on Society how can Constitutional Governments be influenced by Buddhism?

The scope of Buddhism is mind and freedom.

Buddhism can be projected on so called 'Buddhist Society' consisting monks & sponsor laymen
- Assume Sangha of Dhamma as monks in robes
- Assume Buddha meaning Buddhi 'true wisdom' as a historical man
- Assume Bodhi vruksha meaning wisdom tree as a conventional Bo tree
- Assume Manussa Loka as planet earth
- Assume Tiraschina mind state animal

Current Constitutional Governments exist based on ignorance 'Avijja' as described in Buddhism.

It is in evidence that even the current super-power gang-cultured noble governments are full of greed, corruption, disrespect humanity and nature, etc.

Meaningful quality life with wisdom is more important to an individual as well as group of individuals, than just mere existence for the record.

How can Constitutional Governments be influenced by the wisdom of Buddhism?

I am aware that Scottish Parliament is comfortable with Buddhist meditation conducted by Venerable Kamburawala Sri Rewatha Thero, who has being a long-term friend of mine.

Note: This question does not suggest to create Buddhist Governments like Islamic,Christian Governments and does not suggest to abuse Buddhism for corrupted politicians to remain in power.

Additional Details

@alan h,
Vitakka, Vichara are stages of a learner.
Violent-minded in the sense of intellectual arrogance is an ingredient for a true Buddhist (wise) Bhikku (student).

Narrow minded violence based on ignorance is common in any society, including so called religious Buddhist society. If that is what you meant, I second it.

@Fake Genius,
I think pure democracy is harmful compared to Republic.
Why do you press on with true democracy?……


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