Sunday, February 3, 2013

Atom be mind born


Can the existence of Atom be mind born?

On Kant's view, the most fundamental laws of nature, like the truths of mathematics, are knowable precisely because they make no effort to describe the world as it really is but rather prescribe the structure of the world as we experience it.

By applying the pure forms of sensible intuition and the pure concepts of the understanding, we achieve a systematic view of the phenomenal realm but learn nothing of the noumenal realm.

Since physics and metaphysics discuss phenomena and noumena, can the existence of Atom be mind born ( sense based mental picture)?

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@Fake Genius,
I'm surprised to find why the so called long-lasting Buddhists do not know the unconventional consideration in Buddhist cosmology and hesitate to study Buddhism within its original scope!

"mano pubban gama dhamma, mano settha mano maya"

The wise would judge a vertical building as it is, while the not-so-wise hypothesize it using it's horizontal shadow (projection). Why such ignorance to move away from scientific truth?

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