Monday, January 14, 2013

Moon Walk


Is Moon walk of man a classified fraud and a religion?

Was it a just a puppet act of astronauts using strings?

When peeling the outer layers to the very root, can we prove the existence of all acceptable systems as baseless?



  1. So now we didn't go to the moon? Great.

    If you don't want to be mistaken for an overly earnest undergraduate, waxing philosophical over a hastily cultivated appreciation for Scotch, I would rethink that last sentence.

  2. Moon walk is real.

    The laser reflectors are still there and we can still see them.

    1. How often do pinged laser beams pong back to the earth using the laser reflectors you saw?
      Were you on moon to be so sure of laser reflectors as first class evidence?.
      Honestly, Michael Jackson's Moon-walk is real to me.

  3. "Is Moon walk of man a classified fraud and a religion?"

    Why would it be classified as a religion? What am I missing? As far as it being classified as a fraud, it is I suppose in the minds of some skeptics. I looked your video clips. Do you have a way of proving they are authentic? You don't. So, until you can prove that the walks were a hoax I'll accept that they indeed took place.

    1. Compare the claims of videos with the official moon walk footage you consider as authentic and let us know how you came to your conclusions. Would they be authentic to you?

    2. I have seen several video clips showing the lunar moon walks. I have watched what appear to be "compelling" so called well documented clips supposedly providing "evidence" that the walks were faked. Each and every piece of so called "irrefutable" evidence claiming the walks were a hoax was shot down with scientific, logical and rational explanations. My final conclusion? I dismissed the assertion that the walks were faked. Though I will tell you I thoroughly enjoyed the movie Capricorn One. :)

      What is interesting is that we have never questioned whether or not Apollo 10 circled the moon. We've never questioned that as early as 1966 the Soviet Moon probe Luna 9 was the first spacecraft to make a soft landing on the lunar surface. We [mankind] had the technology to land a probe 3 years before Armstrong walked on the moon. Why would we doubt it happened?

    3. Why do you barely accept anything without questioning?
      If you do question, you can clear your skeptics.

  4. It is obviously visible the unrest in some comments to desperately defend an untruth without supporting evidence.
    What is the point of relating to Soviet moon missions when questioning about a U.S astronaut puppet show using strings to walk on so called 'THE MOON'? hah hah haaa

    Why would any individual surrender and sacrifice the right of 'freedom to think openly', for the sake of showing loyalty to fictional institutions?

    Do you consider a Fiction on paper as master and the living breathing you with flesh and blood as the slave?

    Even the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. constitution confirms the right of people to defend against state meaning the probability of state to harm people.

    U.S fictional government should not try to fool the wise people in America.