Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Can Riemann Hypothesis be proven to be true?


Can Riemann Hypothesis truly be

Riemann Hypothesis is based on 'The Golden Key', where
Riemann zeta-function = Euler product of Prime Numbers

Since different cardinality of infinities were used in the calculation, 'The Golden Key' is proved to be false.

If 'Golden Key' has an error, Riemann Hypothesis came out from thin air, meaning baseless.

In that case, can Riemann Hypothesis ever be proven to be true?

Therefore, what is the validity of the Millennium problem to prove the Riemann Hypothesis?



  1. No-one has yet proved it true. No-one has proved that Riemann's observations were coincidence. (Or at least that was the situation last week - I'm a bit out of the loop)

    Here's an opportunity for you to make a name for yourself.


    1. I sent an email to claymath.org and had no response. They expect the research work to be published in reputed media.
      Which mathematical publication would accept my findings, where I do not come from a professional mathematical background to present the research work in their expected format?