Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Buddhist countries submit to God based Constitution


Why Buddhist countries submit to God based Constitution?

Take Sri Lanka for example;

Theravada Buddhism is the religion of about 70% of the population of Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka has the longest continuous history of Buddhism.

They adopt a Catholic (universal) constitution from Brit+ish (COVENANTED man) template.

Justification is being a British colony for just about 150 years (history of Sri Lanka begins around 30,000 & written history exceeds 2550 years)

Constitution of Sri Lanka states "... sovereignty is in the people .."

'people' here refers to a fiction, the God's creation in the Bible story book.
People who live & breath with flesh & blood simply act the role of 'people' in the said constitution which is written on paper.

In turn, all Buddhist institutions, monks, followers, etc submit their rights to get registered under God based constitution.

This constitution contradicts with Buddhist way of thinking, even contradicts with 5 percepts.
Eg: Tobacco, Alcohol, Gambling, British BAR associated Law making, inhumane punishment, Materialism based economy, mechanical education system, discrimination based democracy & politics, etc.

Countries like Saudi Arabia practice Islamic Law and integrate with international trade.

How could a Buddhist Constitution for a Buddhist country look like?
What could be the distinct moral code and it's significance to benefit the public?

Please be open to answer in a macro level.

Additional Details

Could Buddhist 'Vinaya Pitaka' for monks be a guidance for a proposed Buddhism influenced constitution?



  1. Constitutions ARE NOT god-based. On the contrary, many modern constitutions sprang up after the revolutions to topple the power of the church in Europe.

    One of the clearest examples was the "Rights of men and citizens" adopted by France after the French Revolution, and the inalienable rights of men in the US constitution more or less followed the same meaning to reflect the rights of men.

    Prior to that, the church-based Christendom Europe oppressed and suppressed humans to mere serfs/peasants while those in power were the church and the kings and lords and Europe was in the Dark Age for more than 1,000 years.

  2. Structure & contents of Constitutions and Law structures in Buddhist countries like Sri Lanka are God based hierarchical (though not mentioned) and has direct references to and inheritance from God based constitutional governance.

    I am aware of renaissance/enlightenment eras against spell-binding institution, 'Magna Carta' remove sovereignty of British Royalty, Crown Corporation takeover of Ceylon, etc.
    The main question goes beyond all this and that tit-bits.