Tuesday, January 15, 2013

fraudulent constitution


How can a fraudulent constitution lawfully exist?

If a constitution contradicts itself, would you consider it as fraudulent?

Do people wish for a fraudulent constitution to lawfully exist?




  1. Haha!! That's a "quasi-conundrum" in my book. That a word I invented long ago for these situations. To answer your question, yes. Real life contradictions exist. Even in government and law.

  2. That's what the Supreme Court is for.

  3. people don't have any direct power to influence what to be written down as constitution. the majority is not politically aware or wise. this is the matter of intellects. we don't always have independent intellects because they do side with ideologies they like. hence, all constitutions exist today can be a biased. A constitution can only be as smart as the people who wrote it and accepted it.

    Quality people can get quality constitution.

    However, many countries are under the corrupts or dictators of different kinds who wrote the constitution to serve themselves.

    1. Education is possible through interactive social media in order to influence mass media.
      The problem is the experts and wise are absorbed/surrendered to the system (brain hunting).