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interpretation for Anantarika karma


What is the true interpretation for Anantarika karma in Buddhism?

Order in line of gravity [pali term = conventional meaning]:

1. Sangha-bheda = creating division of Sangh
2. Lohituppa da = causing Buddha to bleed
3. Arahan-tagha’ta = death caused to an Arahant
4/5. Matugha ta = causing of death of one’s Mother
4/5. Pitughata = death caused to Father

Lanka vatha’ra Sutra (mahayana) refers them as external immediacies [ Ba yani a nantariya ni] with a different interpretation:

Matricide = destruction to all procreative agencies and lust and joy associated with procreation Patricide = annihilate ignorance
taking life of an Arahantha = put an end to passion and anger
Sangha-bedha = break all combinations of aggregates
draw blood from Buddha = destroy eightfold body of consciousness.

Results(vipaka) for Anantarika karma is said to be born at Avici Niraya.

Does the true interpretation for 'Anantarika karma' refer to 'distorting the core of Dhamma' in 5 methods?

Additional Details

@Fake Genius,
You used 'infinity' in your comment.
'Ananta' means infinite/ beyond limits/extreme.

Does 'anantarika' mean 'with no interval' or 'infinitely away from core'?

Is there a difference between 'Anantarika' kamma and 'anantara' kamma?



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