Saturday, January 19, 2013

win the war against Devil


Can United States of America win the war against Devil?

Even if a lion wins battle against a pig, it looses the war because the great lion king has to get down into a stinking pit of manure.

Is this what happen to U.S.A, who regard itself as king of the world when battling(police) against self-defined extremists?

It is said that a well-trained priest who enters the cave of devil is capable of leaving without change to himself and transforming the devil to a saint, because he doesn't use evil forces against and in the likes of devil.

Why do we observe anger, hatred, genocidal statements from some people of America who justify the acts of U.S.?

Can they win the war in their own hearts, at least as the believers of Jesus love?

Additional Details

@Steve O,
If USA can win the war against Devil, show how?
Even a little child would say more than 'yea'


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