Saturday, January 19, 2013

weapon economies be peace lovers


Can states of weapon economies be peace lovers?

You might remember the 30 year civil war in Sri Lanka, which ended few years back.

Erik Solheim from Norway,
David Miliband from UK,
Bernard Kushner from France,
Hillary Clinton from USA
Robert O. Blake, etc
were some of many popular peace facilitators, who were active against that civil/international war.

It is surprising to note the arm trade based GDP in those peace loving states, and how aforesaid names supported and justified wars/violence around the world.

Why duality is honored in world politics?

Is current Mali situation and honest international effort?

Additional Details

Please read the question carefully and answer with an open mind.
Can states of weapon economies be peace lovers?
If china involved in arms trade, can it be a peace lover?

The adage you mentioned is the national policy for aforesaid weapon economy based peace loving states.

The reverse "Si vis bellum para pacem" meaning " if you are planning a war, you should put other nations off guard by cultivating peace" is true as their foreign policy towards rest of the world.

Considering the big picture, why such duality is honored in world politics to define "world peace"?
Aren't we purposely devaluing humanity?


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