Tuesday, January 8, 2013

baby suffers for parents sexual desires


Does a baby suffer a lifetime for parents sexual desires as per Buddhism?

Birth, illness, growing old and death are Dukkha in Buddhism.
Evey born will die and are subject to illnesses, growing old.

Attachments to sensual desires (including sexual) are caused by ignorance (moha) or non-science (avijja) as per Buddhism.

Do parents really love and care about their children and even grand-children to inherit and/or share suffering (Dukkha) for their lifetime and generations to come?

What could be the remedy from wisdom?

Additional Details

@Fake Genius,
Are you suggesting human reproduction serves as a factory to avoid born as animals like puppies or kittens? On what basis do you think animals as low life?
If I prove that Buddhist cosmology has no reference to human and animals in ordinary usage of the commoner where Buddhist system defines it's own terms of usage, would you consider it with respect to law?

@Ian M,
You can find the middle between any two points. Middle path in Buddhism is not worldly.

@Jesus Hernandez,
What has 'generations of people' got to do with the goal of Buddhism which is Nibbana?
What could be the remedy for life time sufferings of the baby, caused by parent's sexual desires?
Would you ever suffer, if you were not born to think?

@Dan S,
Application for the scope of Kamma in Buddhism is limited to the thought process of a living only.

Symbolic Buddha is attached to a main self with vijja (science) which broke the cycle of dependent origination (existence). Therefore, Buddha suffers a "lifetime" of Dukka. What is your point in it?
Dharma is not conflicting.
What are the nonsense stuff in the question as per Buddhism you are complaining about? prove it if you can or you made a nonsense complaint.



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