Saturday, January 26, 2013

basic units of Atom


Are basic units of Atom called matter or non-matter?

If basic units of Atom is called non-matter, does the accumulation of multiple non-matters create matter?

Additional Details

Are Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, quarks, antiprotons, antineutrons, positrons (antielectrons), etc the particles make up atoms called matter or non-matter?

The term 'Non-matter' is used in science text. Google and see.
The more correct terminologies should be 'Phenomena' and 'Noumea', because all are mind based.
Why those particles are not considered as basic units of matter, Atoms?
'Parama'+ 'Anu' = Paramanu' = Atom

Please do consider the fact that short history of the west did not invent the concept of 'atom' (paramanu).
I'm not inventing any new terms here, but rather trying find out, why the base unit is subdivided, and how such particles can be categorized in terms of matter (the sensible scope of physics)?



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