Saturday, January 19, 2013

If United States loose a war in big time


If United States loose a war in big time, what would happen to good people of America?

U.S. has been continuously involved in controlled (from start to end) wars through out it's short history by giving various justifications and alerts to people of America.

As a result of U.S. blood based image, people of America are subject to hatred, revenge and condemned as humanly unreasonable by the rest of the world. This is an irrefutably obvious fact with common sense.

Power shifts and there are no guarantees for one to be unbeaten in every war and battle, unless the sparrow never lands where the lion roars.

Even a small chameleon can take control of a big elephant by crawling into it's long trunk.
Same apply for David's fight against the giant Goliath.

If U.S. looses a war in big time by an unexpected party in an unexpected manner (not nuclear weapons), which is a possibility, since people of America are dragged into unlawful acts of crimes against humanity by U.S., what would be the future for people of America, especially the good people who have faith in the equal love of God to all people?

Can U.S. compensate the good people of America in such a situation?

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@Arthur ASCII,
Wisdom will tell you that there are many alternatives to win the same war, other than the bloody version.

I am sure that you're brainy to know the difference between 'noble sainthood pride' vs '3rd class gangster pride'.

Reply with violence should be the last or rather no option for intelligent people, but evidently the first option for animals who believe only in their physical powers.


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