Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hindu meditation vs. Buddhist meditation


What is the difference between Hindu vs. Buddhist meditation?

Let me present my view. You may present yours in comparison or in accordance, etc.

The main goal of Hinduism is Moksha/Liberation, where soul joins super-soul as to maintain existence/Nyaya (system/recursion).
Therefore, Hindu meditation is more likely a practice/repeat exercises (example: Kasina, yoga, etc) for jhāna/Dhyāna absorption/strengthening towards developing 'intuition thinking'.

Kasina meditation is also mentioned in Visuddhimagga, by Buddhaghosa (430 CE in Sri Lanka) as a treatise/dissertation.

In contrast to Hindu meditation practice, Buddhism uses a study/logical/penetrating approach towards freedom/Nibbana from all systems/loka/nyaya.
1. Samatha (tranquility/calmness) meditation for discipline (with short practice) &
2. Vipassana (analytical/ insight) meditation for development

Current religious Buddhists mostly do 'practice' meditation and as a result, do not achieve the main goal of Buddhism, which is Nibbana.

The stage is for you to criticize [Nucleus] view and/or to comment and contribute with opinion, knowledge, experience, etc.



  1. none, both are false religions.

    1. Please do not narrow this question to religions. Question is about the 'purpose of meditation'.