Saturday, January 19, 2013

response to disappointing social systems


How to respond if you were unfairly destroyed by society?

Note: Please have patience to read this lengthy, but useful question description.

What would be your response if you are disappointed about social systems?
This situation is common when an individual experiences the other-side of marketed benefits.

Possible (not limited) responses in general would be:

Surrender to the same disappointed systems, because:
- no other alternative for individual survival (can't beat the monopoly, then join it)
- ignore costs as an isolated situation (rooted belief in benefits) to profit later
- pay costs to rehabilitate to force respect at the disappointed systems (blame self for the disappointment)
- fake loyalty to teach a lesson, destroy or take control of the system as a means of revenge
- believe recommendations of trusted others (to discard own experience)

Surrender to the alternative systems, because:
- as an alternative to survive & be away from enemy system
- as a means of taking revenge on the disappointed systems (destroy)
- as a means of taking control (takeover, by associating with more power forces)
- to destroy all similar structured and/or inter-dependent systems with the said

Be free from all systems, because:
- to achieve a unique knowledge about the structure (causes/roots, conditioning, existence, weaknesses, etc) of any system and attachments to it from a God's view, which is impossible for a system member to stand-under, in order to be the All-Seeing, All-Powerful, the Conqueror, the Unconquered, Untouchable,etc.

Quit main life (suicide), because:
- cannot take pressure/stress
- destroy disappointed systems by blaming for cause or suicidal attack
- no future hope in life and final conscious important decision for a living.

How would you respond for such a practically possible situations in your lifetime?


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