Saturday, January 26, 2013

importance of Idols to Buddhism and Hinduism


What is the importance of Idols to Buddhism and Hinduism?

Buddhism use Buddha statue, Bodhi tree, chitya/stupa, pagoda, etc as idols.

Hinduism use Shiva linga, Ganesha, Vishnu, Saraswati, Kali, etc as idols.

Christianity use Cross, Obelisk at Vatican, etc as idols.

Even Islam use idols, irrespective of controversial statements.…

Idol worship at sacred trees & stones in all parts of the world, is considered as a PRIMITIVE practice based on fear.

What is the importance of Idols to intelligent ideologies like Buddhism and Hinduism, if not to seek protection based on fear?

Hope you make a reasonable justification for idol usage, by discarding the popular idiotic practices of idol worship as religions.

Additional Details

I'm glad to see fruitful answers.

Let me suggest the 'Binoculars' analogy to justify idol usage.

We do not look at the Binoculars/Telescope, but look through it to see clearly at a distance object, which is hard or impossible for the naked eyes.

Likewise, the wise would look through idols at the concepts of ideas (dhamma), while the foolish blindly worship at idol as rituals..

Therefore, idols are used as study material (models/diagrams), because visualizing helps to analyze concepts.



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