Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What came first?


What came first exactly?

Where did the sun come from? Was it caused by the big bang and if so, how did it not burn the earth up? I'm just very confused as to how one small big bang could create galaxies and an entire universe all while creating a sun that could burn them up. How did the planets align? How was gravity on earth formed? So many question left unanswered only to be hypothesized by endless rants and more questions.. Tsk Tsk Tsk.... The science of lies.


Ability to think came first, in order to think and answer all your questions and of others.
You cannot think outside what is not subject to thinking.
Example: assumption of big bang and physics findings are nothing but thoughts.
But you can think about what is not subject to thinking.
Example: Nibbana (freedom from thinking), creator of thinking

So many questions left unanswered because the ignorance is willing to accept non-science. (avijja)
The one who intelligently see the pointlessness of circling gets attached to recursion is worth noticing.


To answer the questions left unanswered, one needs to scientifically penetrate through layers of information up to the ultimate (paramattha) with no respect to systems (nyaya/recursion) created and maintained by ignorance.


Over-standing the scope and possibility of thinking.
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