Saturday, January 26, 2013

infinity divided by infinity


What is infinity divided by infinity?

infinity / infinity = ?

Please explain how you came to that conclusion.

Additional Details

After the first 6 answers..Girls & Boys,
are you aware of the 3 dimensional (denominator, numerator, answer) nature of division to consider different infinities?

@Chris Pitchr,
I'm really sorry for the stupid schooling system.
By large, non of the answers correctly define infinity.
From where did the West borrow 'infinity concept' from? check 'Ananta' from the sources.

sorry mate, I don't think the way you suggested.
The concept of infinity is defined as a range, like a finite range and is numerical.

It is uncountable/unimaginable, relative to countable(Sankhya)/imaginable(sankalpa) finite range and vice verse, meaning infinity is definable and can be expressed in numbers.

I've said too much and will let you think why I said so.
Please ask your maths teachers to learn the fundamentals in maths, irrespective of their paper qualifications.


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