Saturday, January 19, 2013

do not wish to work in society


What if some people do not wish to work in society?

Since society has a monopoly in the country, what are the remedies of society for people, who do not wish to join it (even not use their currency)?

Please note,
social benefits are given for members for society only.
land, trees, waters, roads, travel corporations, etc are within the jurisdiction of society (defined in constitution).

This question is not about being lazy without work to live.
This question is about the practical possibility for an individual to live with people as a community, by excluding from the society.

Additional Details

Who cares about being unsocial as long as people can interact each other without 3rd party judgement?

@Crown, If no one works for a society, the society defined under the constitution would break (void and null). Who cares?
Does that mean, people don't work?

With due respect, if you are a member of a society from birth, you are no more than a fictional state written on paper, which I can use to wipe my a-s-s.
If you apply for dual citizenship, can you be sure that you are no more than a born membership to the said first society?
Do you get the point I made clearly?


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