Saturday, January 26, 2013

Why Mathematicians gone insane?


Why many Mathematicians have gone insane?

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"Riemann himself suffered a nervous breakdown, and the American John Nash went insane.

The poor man starved to death because he was convinced that everybody was trying to poison him.

It has often been said there is a very fine dividing line between genius & insanity, and nowhere is that illustrated better than in the field of Mathematics."

Do mathematicians suffer nervous breakdown, because they mechanically go in circles with calculations?

Since mathematics is philosophically broader than mere mechanical calculations, how can such dogmatic calculators who resulted to go insane be called as mathematicians?

Additional Details

I don't think some scientists are bald.

My concern:
mathematics should penetrate through layers of thinking, not go in circles to result in nervous breakdown.
True mathematician should see the big picture as a systems engineer, not as a mechanic who totally rely on calculations.
I see the one who went insane, hit the wall and could not find a way to go beyond it.

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