Thursday, January 10, 2013

Siddhartha born from Great Maya


Why Siddhartha in Buddhism is born from Great Maya?

Conventional Buddhism states,
Prince Siddhartha's mother was Mahāmāyā and his aunt who nursed was Pajāpati.
Siddhattha later became Buddha

If we refer Pali/Sanskrit to English translations of these terms:

= Siddha/sādhya (establishment, succeeded) + artha (meaning, purpose, self=definition)
= one who has accomplished his task; magician

= Mahā (great) + Māyā/maya (magic, illusion, produced by, hypocritical)

= Pajā (offspring, generation) + pati (master, owner)
= Lord of all created beings; A name given to Māra, because he uses his power over all creatures

= having attained enlightenment, wise by knowledge of the truth
= superior to all other beings

How could 'powers of light' born out of 'powers of darkness'?


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