Saturday, January 26, 2013

visibility for Manussa Loka


What is the visibility for beings of Manussa Loka in Buddhist cosmology?

Refer to 31 Planes of Existence Diagram for Buddhist Cosmology.…

Mainstream Buddhism believes Manussa=human and Tiracchana=Animals in conventional language.

Suppose, the mainstream Buddhism believes are true.

According to the diagram, 'Asura' and 'Peta' worlds are in between humans and animals.

Since humans and animals can see and touch each other, Can humans see the beings at 'Asura' and 'Peta' worlds (at below worlds) using common senses?

How many yojanas deep should Animal world be from Human world, as per 31 planes of existence?

Are you convinced that Manussa=human and Tiracchana=Animals to say popular Buddhism is nothing but true interpretation?

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