Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Comparative Buddhism


Do you believe in a Day of Judgment? Do we get only one chance to live a good life? Isn't there a Rebirth?

It is a Hindu belief that our soul never dies. It takes birth again and again. Every time the soul takes new birth it takes new body. It is like changing clothes. A soul changes body like we change clothes. Christians don't believe in Rebirth but Hindus do. When a soul attains highest level of wisdom it merges with universe and it is called Moksha or Nirvana. i.e. soul is relived from the cycle of Birth and Death. It doesn't take birth again because now it has gained Moksha or Nirvana. Buddha being born as a Hindu in India believed in Nirvana. Therefore the aim of a soul according to Hinduism and Buddhism is to attain Moksha or Nirvana.Westerners find it hard to understand because according to their religion we are born only once and face God on the Day Of Judgment. Then you are sent to Haven or Hell. But according to Hinduism and Buddhism there is no Haven or Hell. A soul takes birth again according to it's deeds in the previous life. If you do good things in this life in your next life you will be born in a higher class of society to enjoy all the richness, health, wealth, name and fame in world. But if you do bad things in this life you will be born as a poor lower class person may be a physically handicap person to suffer for the whole life. Therefore Hindus say there is no separate Haven or Hell. This world is a Haven and it is Hell to. Buddha remembered his last 500 lives. The collection of stories from his passed 500 lives is called 'Jatak Katha.'

There are many Heavens,Hells, Gods, etc in Buddhism.

Please read 'Mahābrahmā' section of Buddhist Cosmology.

the Maker and Creator, All-Seeing, All-Powerful, Appointer and Orderer, Father of All That Have Been and Shall Be." According to the Brahmajāla Sutta (DN.1)

Buddhism overrides the creator God concept a to more advanced & comprehensive thesis (conclusion). It is pure science, pure law (powers of light) and not based on unprovable assumptions/hypothesis belief (powers of darkness).

"Buddha remembered his last 500 lives" using day-to-day language is a wrong interpretation.
The scope of Buddhist worlds is limited to the thought processes of a living and Nibbana is freedom from the said re-generating thought processes.

Day of Judgment is like End-of-Year Accounting to create balance-sheet etc.
If accounts are in debt (financial crisis), a bad-debt account comes to save (write-off) others from their sins.

Try to see the X-ray/scanned view of what is believed on face-value (penetrate layers to the ultimate) with relevant terminology and an open mind.


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