Thursday, January 17, 2013

Prologed Dention


Under what laws can U.S. president discuss Prologed Dention?

Please watch Obama's famous 'tale of two speeches' in full.

"Indefinite Detention Without Trial" endorsed by Obama in an insult for humanity.

Is it constitutional for a U.S. President to discuss Prolonged Detention Policy?

If not, what disciplinary actions taken were against such acts?

If unconstitutional and no disciplinary actions taken, how lawful is the existence of U.S. Constitutions?

Additional Details

Even a king’s messenger, is responsible for the words of his voice.
Now, what message did President Obama of United states bring to good people?
Is that blasphemy and Madness?

What is the current situation of 'indefinite detention bill' embedded in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) under the 'Law of War'?

"not for a time certain" means "uncertain time" = "forever".
"terrorist" is a fiction against a fictional system, USA.
Live People with flesh and blood suffer inhumanly, even without respect to natural justice.
Is US president Obama all about words with actions to be awarded with Nobel prize? Why do you see contradictions?



  1. It's wrong, not an Obama thing, but an American thing, and of course the people in charge thing (an Israeli thing)

  2. G.W. Bush declared another state of national emergency on 14 September 2001. This gives the president great powers and effectively turns the U.S. into a constitutional dictatorship. Study the website below and also the links provided in that website. You will then understand why the president can do pretty much as he likes.

  3. indefinite means it is not for a time certain, it does not mean "forever". detention is because of war declared by the congress, it is a war against "terrorists" and not a specific nation or battle front. enemy combatants can be held for the duration of the war, which makes the time period "indefinite". It is similar to a soldier that enlists for the "duration of the war" that is not a specific number of months or years. during WWII enemy POWs were given indefinite detention at facilities in the USA. They were not charged with crimes so there was no trials, but had to be incarcerated for the duration of the war, after which they were sent home.

    As progress is made in Afghanistan and against al qaeda, the war against terrorism is likely to close under Obama's administration. at which point there will no longer be detentions except for those prisoners that are slated for trial.

  4. Sorry time doesn't permit me to cite the law or acts but rest assured the US President is on solid ground as are other countries in protecting themselves against armed combatants and military or political prisoners if you will but that gets determine by a court of legal justice. As to the International Court of the Hague the Us and many now countries in Europe and the rest of the world respect and rest participation in that august body and court of justice. The criminals indicted and brought to justice there has increases enormously.