Saturday, January 19, 2013

United States diplomacy harm people


Does United States diplomacy harm people all over the world?

It is a fact that U.S. intelligence missions are carried out in the rest of the word as diplomats and using NGO/INGOs, etc in an unfriendly manner.

As a result, the governments in the rest of the world use U.S. foreign policy to over-scare/over-warn people/citizens, pointing at international terrorism :
- to restrict civil liberties (harden laws),
- to condemn civil protests and opposition criticism as internationally sponsored,
- and simply to be in power (justify as political stability necessary to fight back foreign threats).

You can call this situation as ripple effect, butterfly effect, etc.
Therefore, artificial situations get created for bad decision making.

In other words, United States tactical foreign policy "Si vis bellum para pacem" (put other nations off guard by cultivating peace) creates dictators in rest of the world.

How do living breathing people with flesh and blood who live anywhere in the world tolerate, if a fictional organization harm them directly and/or indirectly?

If so, what could be the practical solution, especially for people with not-so-rich economies?

Additional Details

@Top Source, Are you aware that :
CIA Covert and clandestine operations directed at or conducted with allies and friends to secure support for controversial components of foreign policy throughout the world?
Covert operations may include sabotage, assassinations, support for coups d'état (sudden, illegal deposition of a government), or support for subversion. Tactics include the use of a false flag or front group.
Please be open and human than being partial to hide the bad acts of a fiction to the man kind.


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