Monday, March 11, 2013

Yahoo delete the zero math expert challenge


Why did Yahoo delete the zero math expert challenge question aimed at western thinking?

Here is a copy of the 'zero expert challenge' question:…
"Can western zero experts challenge the Asian Math brains?"

Here, 'zero experts' means the mathematicians who expertize 'zero'. The question is an intellectual challenge. (interpret 'western zero experts' as 'non-mathematicians' is a narrowed view.)

This question challenges western thinking to justify their standard on zero, because they already condemned Asian brains of 'zero' knowledge.

For example (refer to the deleted question):
"He is certainly wrong when he then claims that zero divided by zero is zero."

"...but he was wrong to have supposed that n/0 = Infinity. If n/0 = Infinity were to be true there would arise results which don’t make sense. ..."

What is wrong with yahoo to delete this fundamental question that challenges the knowledge of 'zero'?

Are western thinkers so scared to take the 'zero' challenge on fair grounds?

I think the sparks of intellectual clashes can enlighten many seekers of truth.

Please note that:

Zero 'Shunyatha' and 'nibbana' concepts are deep rooted in Asian culture over thousands of years.

Indian mathematicians divided by zero (even 0/0) in calculations, because they knew what they did.

But, western thinkers altered the said great knowledge of 'zero', simply on the basis of guessing and gross justifications, because they did not want to learn the root sources of such knowledge and were not humble to credit others on their own merits.

Popular western catholic (universal) education (currently used in Asia) lacks the valuable 'zero knowledge'.

If yahoo acts narrowly to delete the question, where further questions cannot be based upon it, how can ignorance in the name of mathematics be corrected with wisdom?


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