Sunday, March 24, 2013

western thinking always fail to creatively grasp Nibbana


Why western thinking always fail to creatively grasp Nibbana in Buddhism as it is?

Western thinking is comfortable with Liberation, the surrendering to the existing 'main thing'.

Since that 'main thing' (outside to man or objectivity) has created an 'every thing' called nature, where man (subject of nature) is allowed to discover it, prohibiting creative thinking by default.

If man creates new things, he challenges the said 'main thing'. (man is a subject of 'main thing' called Creator)

Now, Nibbana in Buddhism is free from that 'main thing' or simply free from existence.

Free from existence has no rules to restrict creativity and non-attachment to such 'temporal creativity' is non-existence.

Therefore, western thinking always grasps Nibbana as an element (thesis relative to an anti-thesis) withing the 'every thing' of creator.

In other words, western thinking is not free to think outside bondage.

This fundamental issue has made western thinking to confuse 'division by zero' as an error, against the advice of Indian mathematicians.

That is my answer to the question to hint you on my opinion.

I wish to see different fruitful opinions/arguments/comments from you.

Additional Details

The said 'null products' exist for cardinality/calculations, meaning irrespective of the name given, they are 'not-null products'.


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